Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Making money with your artwork online

In this day and age finding a legitimate and ethical way to make money online is sometimes near impossible. But there are a few companies that actually look out for your best interest. One such company is the following.
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I have been working with for over eight years and although I have not gotten rich doing so, I have gotten fair and ethical treatment. As to how much I make it varies and as the old saying goes"you get out of it what you put into it."
    First Zazzle is one of the few companies that allows you to keep your copyrights. In other words what you create you keep. It should also be understood that artisans should never give up all their rights and should never give up those rights indefinitely. Zazzle is allowed to use my artwork so long as I have it on the website and on their products for sale. I can remove any of my products at any time and the copyrights revert back to me. At the same time I agree only to use products that I own the copyrights to and agree that I will not publish my designs or artwork elsewhere and that Zazzle retains exclusive rights . So it is a good idea to periodically read thoroughly any and all agreements with whatever company you are doing business with. The contract is there not only to protect the company but also to protect you.
    Zazzle does a fair job of protecting your artwork from plagiarist and will give you friendly reminders when you accidentally create something too close to someone else's design. But always keep in mind that no one is perfect and Zazzle has its hands full just managing their own website.
    Zazzle will also help you promote your products with designer ads and other promotional tools. This is where having a blog or website is helpful as you will need to be able to advertise and promote your artwork. The Zazzle blog is very helpful with giving ideas suggestions on how to promote your work.
     It should also be noted that there are a couple of other ways to make money with Zazzle even if you're not an artisan. It should be noted that once you sign up, you can help promote and sell other people's work and receive a commission for that promotion. What is really cool is that you can help sell brand-name products such as the following.
View more gifts at Zazzle. Selling and promoting products such as DC comics, Disney, Marvel, and far too many to mention here. It is easy and fun once you get the hang of it, so spend some time on the Zazzle website, see if there isn't some niche you can fill and make money from.
Just be sure and read all the fine print and make sure your following all the rules. It is a great way to create a passive income that can help pay the bills.

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