Monday, June 27, 2016

DIY Bottle or Jar Cleaning Brush

Bottle or Jar Cleaning brush

This is a simple project with three main parts.
You will need the following.
  1. Wooden spoon
  2. Mop yarn
  3. 4 inch foam mini paint roller
  4. Hot glue - high temp.
The tools you will need are as follows
  1. A sander of some type either belt sander or Dremel tool
  2. quarter-inch drill bit and drill
  3. hot glue gun with high temp glue.
Take the wooden spoon and sand the handle down just enough to fit inside the paint roller. Then drill 1/4 inch holes in the lower half the spoon, as shown here.
Then using a hot glue gun inject a small amount of blue inside the paint roller and long handle. Insert the handle into paint roller and immediately cool with cold water. The cold water is to keep the foam from melting and two quickset glue. Once you have glued the foam roller onto the handle it should not turn. If the roller rotates on the handle it will not do a very good job in cleaning bottles or jars. After you have assembled the foam handle you can use a crochet hook or latch hook or even micro forceps as seen here, to assemble the mop yarn. Mop yarn may be hard to come by at craft stores so I simply bought a mop from the dollar store and cannibalized it for the yarn. Yarn should be 6 to 8 inches in length and can be added to the spoon by either using half hitch knots or double knots on either side of the holes, so as to prevent the yarn from pulling through. You may want to add two or three strands per hole in order to get the right density of yarn. If you find that after assembly yarn is still too long you can simply trim with scissors. Once you have finished this your project is complete and you now have the best bottle brush ever. It's makes a great gift or a great project just for yourself.
    If you're going to make these for sale it is important to keep in mind that the cost of your materials is critical to whether it is profitable. Most of the materials were purchased at a dollar store and the cost of materials was kept under a dollar. Where you may lose some money as with any crafts is with the amount of time spent in creating the item. This may be offset by adding the item to a gift basket or similar project.  It may be possible to save a little bit of money by cutting out your own spoons out of quarter-inch wood stock. 
   Be sure to try different materials as well. Here we tried mop yarn, craft foam sheets cut into 1/2" X 4" strips and fabric netting. Each gives a different quality cleaning action. The netting is good for scrubbing tough stains, the foam works good at moving material and the mop yarn a good all around  material that holds water well.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Contest winner

Congratulations to Lisa Hess for being the month of May Nevada crafter contest winner.

Be sure and check our website and blogs for future contests and contest rules.